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Uber Security: Are You Safe With Your Uber Driver?

Has your rideshare driver been vetted by a thorough screening process?Could the Uber driver who picks you up be a sexual offender? A thief? A murderer?

A lawsuit filed by district attorneys in California says maybe. The lawsuit alleges that there are “systemic failures in Uber’s background check process,” and it is these failures that could put you alone in a vehicle with a convicted felon at the wheel.

Uber Has a Responsibility to Hire Safe Drivers

Uber has a legal responsibility to exercise due care when hiring drivers. Currently, the company does not use the same background check and screening process that many taxi companies use. The question is whether the process used by Uber is reasonable. Uber maintains that it is and at least some injured parties and district attorneys in California maintain that it is not.

The Danger Is Not Just Hypothetical

In January 2016 alone, there have been at least three reported attacks by Uber drivers:

  • A Los Angeles woman alleges that an Uber driver broke her jaw when he punched her in the face. The incident reportedly happened on New Year’s Day. The driver alleged that the passenger was confrontational and reportedly asked her to get out of the car in a neighborhood she did not know. When she refused, a fight allegedly ensued that the woman recorded on her phone.
  • A Cincinnati woman alleges that an Uber driver attempted to sexually assault her. This incident reportedly occurred on January 3, 2016. The driver allegedly blocked the passenger’s entrance to her home and then wrapped himself around her and lifted her shirt.
  • A Miami man alleges that an Uber driver pulled a gun on him after trying to physically remove him from the car. The passenger reportedly told the driver that he felt like he would vomit. Then the passenger reportedly told the driver that he felt better and that he wasn’t going to vomit. The driver, however, allegedly tried to get the passenger to exit the car and when the passenger refused the driver pulled out a gun and reportedly pointed it at the passenger.

How Uber screened these particular drivers and whether Uber failed to provide reasonable security to passengers in these particular incidents has not yet been reported.

However, physical assault by an Uber driver should never be tolerated. If you have been hurt by an Uber driver, then you should immediately speak with an experienced negligent security lawyer who will stand up to this multi-billion dollar company and fight hard to get you the fair and just recovery that you deserve.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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