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How Will You Mark National Stop on Red Week?

Imagine the damage that can be done by a driver who runs a red light. Whether that driver is in a hurry to get to the Wells Fargo Arena, is distracted by his cell phone, is unfamiliar with the traffic patterns, or is otherwise negligent, the effect is the same. You, or someone you love, may be seriously injured or killed.

You Can Help Raise Awareness About This Problem

The United States Department of Transportation has designated the first week of August as National Stop on Red Week. While drivers should stop for red lights every day of every week, National Stop on Red Week is designed to raise awareness about the risks associated with running red lights. Accordingly, the Department of Transportation has created a list of activities that states, public safety groups, and individuals can do to help raise awareness about this serious safety problem.

As an individual concerned about car accidents on Third Street, Grand Avenue, or another Des Moines road, you can participate in National Stop on Red Week by:

  • Creating posters and asking libraries, businesses, and other places to display them
  • Contacting your employer and asking if a stop on red public service announcement can be included with pay stubs or an employee newsletter
  • Talking to your local politicians about publicly supporting and promoting the campaign
  • Contacting local journalists and asking them to write about National Stop on Red Week and the local problem of running red lights
  • Using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness among your own followers and friends

What other ideas do you have? What else can we do to help remind people to stop at red lights? Please share your ideas by leaving a comment in the space below.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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