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We’ve given you some tips for thwarting Gurnee motorcycle thieves, but we’ll continue to pass on information that you can use. Here are some more precautions the Motorcycle Safety Foundation suggests you take so your motorcycle remains yours.

  • When you spend the night at a hotel, park your motorcycle in view of an outdoor security camera. If no such spot is available, park the bike close to your room, preferably where you can see it from your window.
  • When you park your bike at a public event, check on it occasionally—especially immediately after leaving it—to ensure that no suspicious characters are hanging around it.
  • If you park your motorcycle in a private garage, block the bike with cars, then close and lock the garage door.
  • Leave your title at home; do not keep it in your motorcycle’s storage compartment, tank bag, or saddlebag.
  • Put a unique mark or marks on your motorcycle, then take a picture of it. If your bike is stolen, you have a visual of the marks by which the police can identify your bike.
  • Keep your registration and insurance card on you when you ride.
  • Be careful about whom you give private information, such as where you live, work, or play.

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