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Studies show that kids are at increased risk of suffering serious injuries from dog bites. However, children are not the only victims. Milwaukee dogs may not bite the elderly as often as they bite children, but the injuries caused by dog bites to the elderly may be significant.

Three Reasons Why Dog Bites Injuries May Severely Hurt the Elderly

It is sometimes impossible to tell why a particular dog picks a particular victim when the dog is unprovoked. However, it is not difficult to tell why a dog bite might seriously harm an elderly person. A dog could:

  • Knock over an elderly or frail person and cause that person to suffer a broken hip, head injury, or other serious injury.
  • Bite through relatively thin skin and cause bleeding and/or infection.
  • Scare an older person with a preexisting condition such as heart disease.

These consequences may be severe or even life-threatening for some elderly dog bite victims.

Contact a Milwaukee Dog Bite Injury Lawyer if You or Your Loved One Has Been Hurt

If you, or a loved one, have suffered from a Milwaukee dog bite or dog attack then we encourage you to contact an experienced Milwaukee dog bite attorney today at 414-223-4800 or 1-800-800-5678 for a free consultation. We will help you fight for your fair and just recovery from your dog bite injuries. Our lawyers also encourage you to download a FREE copy of our informational dog bites brochure to learn more about your legal rights and possible recovery.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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