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Most people know that tailgating is illegal and dangerous—but you may not know that tailgating is even more of a threat to those riding motorcycles. Because bikes don’t have bumpers and only have two wheels, a collision that would have only been a minor fender-bender can easily flip a bike, eject a rider, and result in serious injury or death.

What drivers can do to prevent motorcycle tailgating crashes
What can drivers do to prevent Wisconsin motorcycle tailgating accidents? The answer is simple: put a generous amount of space between you and the bike in front of you. If you are in stop-and-go traffic, put even more space between you and the bike. If you are traveling at high speeds, put even more space between you and the bike. If you are diving in poor road conditions, put even more space between you and the bike.
What motorcyclists can do when they are being tailgated
Being tailgated while on a motorcycle can be a very scary experience—especially if you believe the tailgater is behaving maliciously. What should you do? Consider your safety first and above all else. Even if the vehicle “gets away” with breaking the law and making you feel unsafe, it is not worth the risk of being distracted by the driver or trying to find your own justice. Put your turn signal on and get out of the vehicle’s way as quickly as possible—either by switching lanes or by pulling over onto the shoulder at a safe place.  

Wisconsin personal injury attorney
If you have been seriously injured in a Wisconsin motorcycle accident involving a tailgating vehicle, you may deserve compensation. Speak to a Madison motorcycle accident lawyer at Hupy & Abraham today to learn more about your case.

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