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Know Your Statistics: Deer Collision Crashes in Wisconsin

Wisconsin car accidents due to a collision with a deer on a winding road are not uncommon.The Wisconsin Department of Transportation's 2009 traffic accident statistics reported that crashes involving deer accounted for 16,338 of the total 109,991 incidents in the state. These crashes resulted in 7 human fatalities and 474 serious human injuries. This type of crash was second only to speeding.

With many of Wisconsin's major highways winding through scenic wooded areas and a healthy deer population, crashes with deer are not all that uncommon. The crash does not always involve impact with the animal. In many cases, a car trying to avoid a deer will swerve into another lane, causing a crash with another vehicle.

Deer typically appear at roadsides near dusk and in the fall months during mating and migration season. When one deer is present, there are often several others around, so just because you avoid one does not mean the danger has passed.

Travel at a controlled speed to allow for enough reaction time; deer are quick but not always quick enough to get over the road before your vehicle reaches them. When driving at night, using your high beam headlights when no other cars are approaching is a good practice to allow for additional visibility. You can often catch the reflection of your lights in their eyes when they approach the roadside, giving you additional time to slow down and react if they should move into the road.

Knowing the statistics on Wisconsin traffic accidents can help you identify the common circumstances for accidents, such as deer in the road or speeding drivers. While you cannot avoid all hazards, you can avoid partaking in risky behaviors yourself and know to drive defensively to avoid the negligence of others. 

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