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Being cold while riding a motorcycle may lead to a Wisconsin motorcycle accident. It is important to know how to stay warm and focused.If you are like many other motorcycle riders in Wisconsin, you are probably prepping and winterizing your motorcycle. Before you do so, you may want to consider keeping your motorcycle prepped and ready to go for the wintertime. Yes, you can comfortably and safely ride your motorcycle during the cold winter months.

It is important that you stay warm during your winter ride. Becoming cold during a ride can cause you to lose focus and crash. Being stranded and injured in the cold can be very dangerous. In order to stay warm during a winter motorcycle ride, consider wearing the following gear:

  • Head cover. If you wear a helmet, consider using one with full face coverage. A helmet will provide a windproof shell and thick layer of insulation. For extra warmth, there are shells that can be worn underneath the helmet.
  • Electric gear. A great option that is now available to cold weather riders is electric clothing. This includes vests, gloves, chaps and even socks. Electric riding gear attaches to the bike's electrical system and adds heat where you need it.
  • Layered clothing. Wear layers of clothing while you ride. Each layer of clothes traps air that provides greater insulation against the chill. Layered clothing allows you to take off and put on clothes to adjust to your body temperature and prevent sweating.

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