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Is Peer Pressure To Blame Campbellsport Teen Accident Tragedy?

Campbellsport Teen AccidentRecently, many of us have read about the tragic Wisconsin car wreck that occurred in the town of Ashford. Nine teenage girls were riding in an SUV when it the driver hit a bump and lost control of her vehicle. Six teens were injured; three were killed.

Statistics show that teens are more likely to crash when they have friends in the car. Two recent studies conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in collaboration with State Farm examined how peer pressures increase a teen driver’s accident risk.

The first study looked at teens who had been involved in serious accidents. Teens driving with passengers were more likely to be involved in distracted-driving accidents than teens driving alone. Approximately 71 percent of distracted male drivers and 47 percent of distracted female drivers said they were directly distracted by the actions of their passengers at the time of their crash.  In addition, males driving with passengers were twice as likely have driven aggressively and six times more likely to have tried illegal stunts to impress their friends before their accident.

The second study looked at the personalities of teen who considered themselves likely to drive with multiple friends in their car. These teens often considered themselves “thrill seekers.” These teens tended not to fully understand the risks associated with driving, and believed that their parents were unlikely to enforce driving rules or monitor their whereabouts.

Our Wisconsin car accident attorneys believe that most teens are responsible drivers. However, these studies show that parents can help prevent Wisconsin teen driving accidents. If you are the parent of a teen driver, set rules for your teen — and set consequences if those rules are broken.

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