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One of the most common situations the Wisconsin personal injury attorneys in our office come across A prescription pad and a pill bottle holding medication that could be a faulty drug for your ailment.are those involving pharmaceutical mass tort injuries that originally go unrecognized.

Many patients who are injured by a faulty prescription medication do not initially recognize that it is actually the drug causing the problem. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to believe that their injury is caused by an illness, or brought on by the original ailment that the drug was prescribed for. This is especially true when the prescribing physician is also unaware of the dangers of the faulty drug.

That is why it is imperative to follow certain steps if you have suffered any type of adverse reaction or injury while taking a prescription medication. 

  • Inform your physician immediately. While this step may seem obvious, it is important to remember to not only be treated by a doctor, but also to inform your regular physician about the medical problems you are facing. Make sure to mention if and how the reaction is different than how it has affected you in the past, how long you have been taking the drug and what is happening to your body. 
  • Record information about your drug regimen. Write down your dosage, the drug’s expiration date, how many times a day you have been taking the drug and the pharmacy you bought it from (or which doctor gave you samples).
  • Do your research. In addition to asking your doctor if he or she has heard about any adverse reactions caused by the prescription medication, take a look at the FDA’s website to see if the agency has issued any warnings about the drug.
  • Contact a lawyer practiced in handling Wisconsin pharmaceutical mass tort litigation. Mass torts are different than typical personal injury cases, and involve different types of deadlines, documents, and protocol. Hiring an attorney who is familiar with the class action lawsuit process will not only help your case run smoothly, but it could eventually make a difference in the monetary outcome of your case.

Need help determining if your Wisconsin prescription drug injury could be part of a larger litigation? Let the attorneys at Hupy and Abraham provide you with a complimentary consultation. Simply call 800.800.5678 or fill out our online form. 

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