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If you think it’s challenging to pack a car or minivan for a trip, try getting everything you need—or think you need—onto a motorcycle. Now that’s a challenge!

On his Motorcycle Views website, Walter Kern has provided a helpful set of recommendations on how to pack your motorcycle for a trip. Think minimalist when deciding what to take on your motorcycle trip in Illinois:

  • Make a packing list of all the things you want to take on your trip and where you will pack it on the motorcycle.
  • Determine what type of packing containers you need for the type of bike you have. You may need saddlebags, a tail pack, a tank bag, and at least three bungee cords to secure items.
  • Roll up your clothes tightly to take up the smallest possible amount of space—and to minimize wrinkles.
  • Refer to your packing list when placing your items in the various packing compartments. Pack things in your jacket, as well.
  • Weigh your bags to make sure that the weight is evenly distributed on the right and left sides of your motorcycle.
  • Avoid putting too much weight on the back of the bike. Refer to your owner’s manual for weight limits.
  • Pack your rain gear last, on top of the bike and secured by bungee cords, so you don’t have to unpack if rain starts.
  • Double-check your packing list to be sure that everything is packed on your bike.
  • Keep the packing list in your jacket or other easily accessible place.

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