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As a safe Wisconsin motorcyclist, sometimes the responsibility may fall to you to protect friends from poor decisions. If you are with a friend who has been drinking and should not ride his motorcycle, here are a few tips for preventing him from making a bad decision that could forever impact his life: 

  • Think ahead in case a friend needs a ride home. Leave a passenger seat open on your bike. If you are going out with a group of riders, arrange for extra seats to be available in case someone cannot drive his bike home.  
  • Save the number for a taxi service in your cell phone, in case you or a friend needs to call for a ride. 
  • If you see someone drinking too much in too short a time, try to slow them down by changing activities or by ordering them water.
  • Stall a friend from leaving by ordering food or coffee and by talking—anything to keep him from getting on his bike. Though it may be difficult and he may not appreciate it at the time, try to talk him out of driving home. 
  • If you are not having success, try to enlist the help of friends. Oftentimes, the peer pressure of a larger group can be more persuasive than only one person.
  • Remember, even if your actions don’t make you popular at the time, having a friend mad at you temporarily is better than wishing you had done more.

For more information on motorcycle use while drunk, read our article, “What to Know About Impaired Wisconsin Motorcycle Use.”

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