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How an Iowa Nursing Home Resident Can Afford a Lawsuit

There’s hardly a penny left. Your loved one is near the end of her life and whatever funds she has are going toward her care or comfort.

She did not plan on having to file a lawsuit at this late stage of life. Yet she has been abused or neglected in her Iowa nursing home and she has suffered an injury.

She Deserves to File a Case and She Deserves a Fair Recovery

This is true regardless of her financial status or ability to pay.

A nursing home resident who has been injured by the abuse or neglect of nursing home staff should be able to hold the nursing home accountable for her injury. One way that she can do that is through a nursing home abuse lawsuit. When a nursing home abuse lawsuit is filed, the injured resident is alleging that the nursing home failed to provide her with reasonable care and that, as a result, she was injured. In the lawsuit, the nursing home resident may ask for damages related to all of her injuries. This not only compensates the victim, but it also holds the nursing home accountable for the harm that has been done.

Many nursing home abuse lawyers, including us, are not paid by those who have been injured by nursing home abuse—or their families—unless the lawsuit is successful. If the lawsuit settles or is decided in the nursing home resident’s favor at trial, then the attorney will be paid a percentage of the recovery as payment for services. Thus, financial resources or concern over the cost of a lawyer should not prevent anyone from seeking justice.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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