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Under Wisconsin state law, motorcycle operators are entitled to a full traffic lane for use of their bike. This means that it is the rider’s responsibility to maintain proper positioning within his/her lane to prevent collisions with other vehicles, or spills. Wisconsin riders should know the below information about lane position: 

  • Poor lane positioning when preparing to turn can be very dangerous, and it is crucial to a motorcycle operator to know maneuvers for making safe turns.  
  • Good lane position helps with your visibility by motorists, keeping you out of drivers’ blind spots. It also makes it easier to communicate your intentions with drivers or other riders.
  • While riding, riders divide their lane into three equal parts in their head, and must determine at any given moment which area of the lane is safest – whether for turning, passing, or stopping. 
  • Always use extra caution when turning right. Other traffic should not be able to fit between your bike and the curb, and making a tight right turn can prevent a great deal of accidents. The same rule applies while turning left; other drivers should be unable to enter your lane or pass you while you are turning. 
  • While making decisions about turning on a motorcycle, important factors to keep in mind include whether there is gravel in the road, any parked cars, or other riders trying to turn with you.

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