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To get the best priced Wisconsin motorcycle insurance look for the companies that specialize in motorcycle risk covereage.Motorcycle accidents do happen in Wisconsin, and smart riders do whatever they can to avoid them or limit their consequences. One way of limiting the consequences is to buy quality motorcycle insurance coverage, as we pointed out in a recent article. After a bike crash, your insurance will determine to a large extent whether you are protected from financial hardship or not.

When looking for insurance, it pays to make a selection of insurance companies who specialize in motorcycle risk coverage. They will ask you the right questions and will have programs tailor-made for riders. They will know the value of accessories and parts, from backrests to exhausts, handlebars and wheels, which could be worth a fortune. They will ask you the type of motorcycle you have, its engine size and what you use it for.

How much will my Wisconsin motorcycle insurance cost?

There is no straightforward answer we can give here and now, but you need to do two things to make sure you don't pay too much and get the right policy:

1. You need to ask for quotes and contractual conditions from several companies; 

2. You need to understand how the insurance company looks at you.

A good motorcycle insurance company will set the price according to how they view you as a risk, asking a number of questions, like:

  • What is your age and your history? Remember that accident rates vary considerably with age and experience.
  • Did you complete a motorcycle riding course? A training course is a sure way to reduce the cost of your insurance.
  • What are your driving and riding records? Accidents and traffic violations, car or motorcycle, are bad for your risk rating.
  • Type, brand, model and engine power of your bike: This will determine risks of accidents and theft.
  • Motorcycle use: In town or rural, leisure or commute, summer and weekends only-all these factors determine the risks to the insurance company. Ideally, an insurance policy should be priced per mile, rather than based on a lump sum.

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