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Will the Scars Ever Heal?

The weeks are going by and things aren’t getting much better. The initial shock and incredible pain that occurred right after your dog bite injury may be less intense, but there is something else taking their place.

Now it Is the Scars

The shock and pain have been replaced with emotional and physical scars. They seem to be getting worse, not better, and you may be wondering if they will ever heal.

An experienced doctor can help you understand the likelihood of a recovery from dog bite scars. A doctor may also help you learn how to minimize the effects of the scars in the future.

But There Is More That You Can Do

In addition to following your doctors’ orders, you can also fight to protect your legal rights. A legal recovery can help you get the money that you need to:

  • Pay for the medical treatment that you really need to minimize your physical scars.
  • Get good counseling for your emotional scars.
  • Compensate you for any permanent injuries.

Every dog bite and dog bite recovery is unique. However, whether you were bitten by a dog in Bettendorf, attacked by a dog in Rock Island, or otherwise hurt by a domestic animal elsewhere in Quad Cities your rights are the same.

Let Us Help You Protect Them

You can learn more about your rights and about how your legal rights may help you recover from your emotional and physical scars by reading our FREE dog bite brochure. You can also contact us directly by phone or via this website to schedule a free initial consultation.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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