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The prescription drug Avandia has been linked to many thousands of heart attacks for over ten years.  Finally the FDA is listening to concerned physicians and researchers.  A recent study of the drug has been cancelled because of the risk study participants face.  Avandia, a type two diabetes drug, has been shown to greatly increase the user's risk of heart attack, liver disease and fragile bones. 

If Avandia has been prescribed since 1999, why are concerns over its safety just now being taken seriously?  The FDA itself has estimated that between 1999 and 2007 over 83,000 heart attacks were caused by Avandia.  While the FDA did require that GlaxoSmithKline add strong warnings to their label about the risks of taking the drug, no recalls have been issued.  In fact, the study that was cancelled had 16,000 people from across the globe taking the drug.

Why do dangerous drugs remain on the market?  Many believe that drug companies use their money and power to sway studies.  If their drugs are found to be dangerous, they can lose millions, even billions, of dollars.  Both the cost of recalls and fighting pharmaceutical drug class action law suits can add up quickly.  However, how can drug companies put a price on human lives?  On the health and well-being of their consumers?

All too often the pharmaceutical industry worries about their bottom line, not your safety.  As Wisconsin pharmaceutical class action attorneys, we have heard too many stories of lost family members and compromised health due to bad drugs.  When medicines meant to help actually harm everyone loses; most of all you.

If you have been made ill or a loved one has died due to the usage of a dangerous drug, please contact an experienced attorney at Hupy & Abraham today for your free consultation.

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