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Each May since 1987, motorcycle group chapters have been partnering with organizations to raise drivers’ awareness of motorcycles on the road.

In the Windshield Washing Project, which originated here in Illinois, motorcyclists go to interstate rest areas throughout the state, where they volunteer to wash the windshields of vehicles there and hand out motorcycle safety information. Their goal? To remind drivers to start seeing motorcycles.

Other states have jumped on the bandwagon, recognizing the Windshield Washing Project as an effective public awareness tool. Volunteer motorcycle groups in these states have begun their own version of the program.

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s website HYPERLINK "" points out that because motorcycles are smaller than most other vehicles on the road, they are harder to see. Most accidents with motorcycles occur because other drivers just do not notice them.

Over the winter, fewer Gurnee motorcycles are out on the roads, so motorists become even more unaccustomed to seeing them. The timing of the Windshield Washing Project is thus essential: early in the warm season, when hibernating motorcyclists come out to play.

Since the project’s beginning, the volunteers have reached more than 35,000 motorists, alerting them that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and sharing with them the safety message, “Share the Road” with motorcycles.

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