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Group riding needs good communication to prevent Wisconsin motorcycle accidents.Group riding is a great way to spend time with your motorcycle and with friends. When riding in a group, good communication is important. Keeping everyone informed of the group’s plans can save time and help prevent Wisconsin motorcycle accidents.

Obviously you can’t shout out to your friend while riding, so hand signals are the best way to communicate. Our Green Bay motorcycle lawyers have provided this guide to the most popular hand signals for motorcycle riders.

  • Need to stop for fuel: Place your arm out to the side and then point to the gas tank with the index finger extended.
  • Stop for food: Keep fingers closed in a fist and point to your mouth.
  • Rest stop: Extend forearm with fist clenched and move up and down in short motions.
  • Roadway hazard: Point with right foot or left hand.
  • Follow me: Extend arm straight up from shoulder with palm forward.
  • Speed up: Extend right arm straight out with palm up.
  • Slow down: Extend right arm straight out with palm down.

You can get more information about hand signals for group riding from the  HYPERLINK "" Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

The Green Bay motorcycle accident attorneys at Hupy and Abraham are dedicated to preventing motorcycle accidents in Wisconsin. We offer free “Watch for Motorcycles” stickers on our website. 

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