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If you are a passenger on a motorcycle make sure your driver is prepared and trained to avoid a Wisconsin motorcycle accident.It takes two to ride with a passenger. This may seem a bit redundant to experienced Wisconsin motorcyclists, but there is a real need to clarify what riding with a passenger really means.

Whether a novice rider decides to impress his girlfriend, or asks his younger brother to hop on the back, riding with a passenger without training and preparation is a sure recipe for disaster in the form of a devastating motorcycle crash. You need to be experienced and self-assured on your bike before taking on the added responsibility of carrying a passenger, and you need to understand how this affects the operation of your bike.

How do you prepare and train to carry a passenger?

  • Your motorcycle should be designed to accommodate a passenger and fitted with footrests;
  • Check the maximum authorized weight, and increase the tire pressure if needed;
  • Make sure your passenger wears protective gear and is of age to understand and follow your instructions;
  • Explain, and this is crucial, that the passenger must follow your movements, inclining with you to the right or left, and never in the opposing direction;
  • Show the passenger how to hold your waist or hips, and keep the feet on footrests at all times;
  • Explain what parts of the motorcycle are hot and should never be touched;
  • Be aware that you will need a longer brake distance, which means you need to ride more defensively than usual;
  • Practice with your passenger in an empty parking lot, reviewing how to operate throttle/clutch and brakes, accelerating, stopping and turning.

There is only one thing worse than a motorcycle accident, and that is one you inflict on your passenger.

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