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Is your annual Halloween party a neighborhood tradition? Halloween parties are fun for young and old, but the fake scares can become too real if a guest gets hurt. Here are four potential dangers to consider if you are hosting a party this Halloween:

  • Slip and fall accidents: Pumpkins are part of Halloween, but too many pumpkins at the front door can cause a slip and fall incident. Check your yard, driveway, walkway and porch for potential slip and fall hazards. Make sure that your decorations are well lit and out of the way of visitors.
  • Fire hazards: Candle-lit jack-o-lanterns create a spooky ambiance, but candles and flowing costumes don’t mix. Avoid a potential injury lawsuit by using battery-powered tea lights or flashlights to light jack-o-lanterns.
  • Drinking: You may think that it’s not a party without alcohol, but you can be held liable for any alcohol-related accidents involving your guests. And it’s not just your guest’s safety that you need to worry about; children between the ages of five and 14 are four times more likely to be killed while walking on Halloween night compared to other nights. If you serve alcohol, make sure all your guests have a safe ride home.
  • Dog bites: Even a normally friendly dog can become anxious when there are a lot of visitors in his home. Spooky decorations and costumes can increase that anxiety. To prevent dog bite injuries, confine your dog in a quiet area away from the partygoers.

If you are hosting a Halloween party, it’s important that you understand property owners may be held liable for any injuries that occur on their properties. Do your part to protect both yourself and your guests.

If you are injured this Halloween, contact Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678 to learn more about your rights.

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