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2015 Was Deadly on Wisconsin Roads, But You Can Help Make 2016 Safer

Do your part to reduce Wisconsin traffic accidents this year556 people died in Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents during 2015. That was 62 more people than died in motor vehicle crashes during 2014, and six more people than the five-year average of motor vehicle fatalities.

To prevent fatalities and injuries from motor vehicle accidents in 2016, the state of Wisconsin has announced that it will take specific safety initiatives that include increased education and enforcement to prevent common causes of car crashes.

But the State Can’t Do It Alone. Individual Drivers Must Also Take Action

This blog won’t discuss New Year’s resolutions because the majority of New Year’s Resolutions fail. Lofty, sometimes unrealistic goals are set and by mid-February they are nothing but a guilty memory.

Instead of promising to be a perfect driver, we encourage you to commit to the following five things that can make 2016 a safer year on our roads. Specifically, every driver can commit to:

  1. Getting serious about distraction-free driving. This may mean different things to different drivers. Some drivers may need to put their cellphones away where they can’t be seen or heard to avoid the temptation of using a cell phone while driving. Other drivers may need to work on not tending to children or not multitasking for work while driving.
  2. Getting a vehicle check-up. Properly inflated tires, brakes that are working well, adequate windshield wipers and other regular car maintenance can be important to preventing car wrecks.
  3. Getting a medical check-up. An annual physical may identify potential medical problems that could interfere with driving. A vision test, for example, could identify a need for glasses that could help prevent a crash. Additionally, medication side effects should be discussed with your doctor.
  4. Making sleep a priority. Many crashes are caused by tired drivers. You can prevent such crashes by getting a good night sleep as often as possible.
  5. Leaving enough time to get where you are going safely. This can cut down on speeding and aggressive driving, both of which can cause serious accidents.

Together, these steps may drastically reduce the serious and fatal accidents on our roads. Please share this blog on Facebook or Twitter and encourage your friends and followers to take similar steps to prevent car crashes this year.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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