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Don't let your dog be the reason why someone needs to see an Illinois dog bite attorney. Read on to learn how to prevent a Gurnee dog bite injury.As a loving dog owner, you may think your dog will never bite you or anyone else. We often think of our dogs as our children. And of course we all think our children are the best and can do no wrong. You may find yourself watching your dog play with other dogs as you think to yourself, “My dog is so much better than all these other dogs.”

To look at our dogs like this is normal and healthy—but sometimes seriously in error.

Even if your dog is well socialized, obedient, and respectful, he may still get into stressful situations. When a dog becomes stressed or anxious, he may act on instinct and bite.

You do not want to be responsible for your dog biting in Gurnee. If you find your dog in one of these situations, you should:

  • Leave the area. Perhaps the easiest way out of a tricky situation with your dog is to remove him. Getting him out of the situation will allow him to calm down and gather his composure.
  • Get his attention. Get your dog’s attention and let him know you are there with him. He may just need to see or hear you and realize that he is not alone in the situation. Once you get his attention, call him over and calm him down.
  • Intervene. If you see your dog begin to get upset, you should intervene and distract him from whatever is causing him to get worked up.

Unfortunately, not all dog owners act in a preventative way. Some allow their dog to become unruly, which often leads to Gurnee dog bites.

If you or your child has been the victim of a dog bite, contact an Illinois dog bite attorney at Hupy and Abraham. Call 866-625-2299 today for a free case evaluation.

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Jason F. Abraham
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