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You know what happened, and your Illinois wrongful death attorney knows what happened. You both know that your loved one was killed by someone else’s negligence. However, the insurance company with which you are negotiating isn’t going to settle until you have proof of why the accident occurred and why you should recover the damages that you requesting. Even then, you may need to bring your case to trial in order to make a fair recovery.

Wrongful Death Expert Witnesses May be Important to Your Case

Generally, you may turn to expert witnesses to help you prove liability or establish fair damages. To that end, you and your Rockford fatal accident lawyer may consider hiring:

  • An expert in the field. For example, if your loved one died in a motor vehicle accident, then an accident reconstructionist, engineer, or other expert could help you establish liability. If your loved one died from medical malpractice, then a doctor could serve as an expert witness.
  • A financial expert. An economist or accountant may be able to help calculate your future economic losses.
  • A psychologist or other person who can speak about the emotional loss to you and your immediate family.

Of course, other types of experts may also be important depending on the unique circumstances of your loved one’s death.

Talk to Your Illinois Wrongful Death Lawyer About Your Legal Options

Not every wrongful death case requires expert witnesses, and the cases that will benefit from expert witnesses may not require the same type of witnesses. Accordingly, it is important to talk to your Illinois wrongful death attorney about what may benefit your case. Please call one of our Rockford wrongful death lawyers today at 815-877-3900 or 800-390-6350 for more information.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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