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A Wisconsin nursing home can prevent falls and hip injuries by taking the precautions of warning signs and using assistive devices. If your parent or grandparent suffered a hip fracture while in a Wisconsin nursing home, you may wonder: was the fall an accident, or was the nursing home negligent? 

Falls are the leading cause fatal and non-fatal injury in American adults age 65 years or older. Nursing homes have an obligation to protect the health and quality of life of their residents. Preventing falls in a Wisconsin nursing home may be as simple as posting warnings on wet or slippery floors. Safety measures may include assistive devices like bed rails and grab bars. There should be adequate staffing so elderly patients are able to ask for assistance when needed. Additionally, the care plan of every elderly nursing home resident should include a plan to prevent falls.

If an elderly resident is injured in a Wisconsin nursing home fall, our Milwaukee accident lawyers will review the resident’s care plan. We will check to make sure that the plan was adequate and that every step in the plan was implemented. We will also investigate to see if similar accidents occurred in the same home that might signify a pattern of neglect.

Many Wisconsin nursing homes will try to blame the resident for the injury. They may say that the resident failed to wait for assistance. However, if the patient was incapable or unable to ask for help, or asked for help but did receive assistance because of understaffing, the nursing home can still be found negligent. However, even if help was available, staff assistance is not a substitute for appropriate safety devices.

If your loved one suffered a hip fracture while a resident at a Wisconsin nursing home, you may want to consider discussing the injury with a Milwaukee accident lawyer. Your loved one may be eligible for monetary compensation. To learn more, contact Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678.

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