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If you underwent heart surgery, only to suffer a heart attack or stroke, the drug Trasylol may be to blame.  A 60 Minutes expose showed that the pharmaceutical company Bayer knew the dangers of the drug, but did nothing to stop its use. 

Bayer knew full well that the drug, used during heart surgery, was causing serious, even deadly side-effects, yet they continued to allow it to be used. 

How is this possible?  Why would a drug company allow people to suffer and die?  It all comes down to money.  If Bayer would have pulled the dangerous drug, they would have been admitting that they were guilty of injuring and killing thousands of heart patients.

What can you do if you were given Trasylol and suffered side effects?  If you are one of the thousands of patients who suffered after receiving the drug Trasylol, please contact Hupy & Abraham today.  We can help you become part of a class action lawsuit and get you the justice you deserve.  When fighting the pharmaceutical industry giants there is strength in numbers.  Please contact an attorney today.

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