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Cutting Down on Wisconsin Red Light Runner Car Accidents

There is no doubt about it: Wisconsin intersection-related car accidents are too often deadly. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) reports that over 20 percent of all roadway fatalities occur at intersections and 10 percent of these happen when someone runs a red light.

So, what can be done to cut the number of red light runner deaths?

  • Understand the meaning of a yellow light and act accordingly.
    When that light turns yellow, it is not a signal to speed up and get through the intersection. It is a caution signal and should let you know to slow down and prepare to stop.
  • Stop at red and stay stopped.
    When you are approaching a red light, be sure you begin braking in advance, smoothly and evenly. Don’t change lanes and be sure you are stopped at the stop line painted on the pavement. Leave enough room between you and the car ahead of you that you can see the full rear tire. 
  • Drive defensively.
    Even when the light turns green, be aware that oncoming traffic may not stop in time to avoid hitting you. Look carefully to be sure cross traffic is stopping or stopped before moving through the intersection or making a left hand turn.
  • Always look for pedestrians and bicycles.
    Before entering any intersection after a red light, be sure the roadway is clear not only of other motor vehicles but also people on foot or two wheels.
  • Always look both ways before you cross the street.
    Maybe as a child, your mother gave you this advice. As a driver at an intersection, it may be even more important. 
  • Keep your eyes and your mind on the road.
    Be aware that all traffic light intersections are dangerous. A red light is not a signal to touch up your makeup, text message a friend or find that favorite song. In fact, you should be paying careful attention to all the movement around you and be prepared to react quickly if things go wrong.

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