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We know that, no matter how careful you are as a Wisconsin rider, you will find yourself having “close calls” from time to time. If you react quickly and properly, you can increase your chances of getting out of a tight spot and avoiding an accident. If you feel you’re in a tight spot while biking in Wisconsin, use the following accident-avoidance maneuvers:

  • Quick stops. For sudden stops, always use both brakes at once. Pump the front brake while maintaining pressure on the rear brake. If your rear wheel locks accidentally and you’re on a good traction surface, you should still be able to control the motorcycle to a complete stop.
  • Stopping on a curve. The best technique for stopping while riding a curve is to first make sure the bike is straight and upright, and then braking. If it’s impossible to straighten the bike and you must stop on a slant, lightly apply the brakes while reducing the throttle until the bike is able to straighten.
  • Swerving. This is a good option when there isn’t adequate room to brake. Lightly squeeze the handgrip which corresponds to your chosen direction of escape, while keeping your body upright and allowing the motorcycle to lean. Keep your knees up against the tank and your feet firmly on the pegs. If you must brake, do so separately from swerving.

Sometimes, despite your best maneuvers and reaction time, an accident can’t be avoided.  If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Green Bay or Appleton, contact Wisconsin motorcycle crash lawyers at Hupy and Abraham at 920-882-8382 or toll free at 800-800-5678. Remember to ask about your FREE book and DVD: The Ultimate Guide for Auto Accident Victims and Valuable Information Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know!

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