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Common Wisconsin motorcycle accident injuries can range from broken bones to spinal cord injuries. Wisconsin motorcyclists have made a choice. Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, and the extra risk in the unlikely case of a serious motorcycle accident is that the rider has little to no protection and could sustain serious injuries. Knowing what these injuries are is part of the equation.

Broken bones and joints: Breakage of elbows, shoulders, fingers, neck and wrists are very common, as these areas are more exposed in an attempt to protect the body from the impact. Broken pelvis and lower legs are also frequent.

Road rash: As the body slides over the pavement, skin and muscle damage and deep burns can be extensive. The best way to prevent these very painful injuries is to wear adequate protective apparel at all times.

Concussions and traumatic brain injury: Falling from a motorcycle or hitting a vehicle or obstacle almost always leads to light or severe brain damage. DOT-approved helmets reduce the risk of fatal brain injuries by over 40 percent.

Facial disfigurement: Facial scars and tooth damage could be the result if the motorcyclist doesn't wear a full-face helmet.

Spinal cord injuries: Falling or hitting an obstacle can result in the dislocation or crushing of the vertebrae in the spine, leading to damage to the spinal cord, which transmits nerve impulses from the brain to the limbs. In severe cases, the consequence can be partial or total paralysis.

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