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Wisconsin wrongful deaths can happen for many reasons. And every one of these A defective product can lead to a wrongful death due to an individual or entity negligence causing an unexpected death.reasons is wrongful because an individual or entity was negligent and caused an untimely death.  Some of the most commonly known causes of wrongful death are:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Defective products
  • Medical mistakes
  • Premises liability
  • Work-related accidents

But every once in a while, we hear about a much less common, but just as deadly, cause for a wrongful death.

One example is in California, where local, state, and federal agencies are investigating a weight-loss clinic. Even Congress is involved. Based on the deaths of five patients, the 1-800-GET-THIN ad campaign in that state and the surgeons who are part of it are being carefully scrutinized. 

The whole controversy centers on the affiliated surgery centers that use the “Lap-Band” device. The Lap-Band is a silicone ring that is implanted surgically then inflated, restricting the amount of food that can enter the stomach. The aggressive marketing campaign that includes billboards and advertising has made this form of weight loss very recognizable to all in the Los Angeles area.

And now at least three wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against the promoters of this most recent marketing blitz, and others for personal injury. It is alleged that, despite warnings from the FDA, the marketers did not properly inform patients of the full risks of this surgical weight loss method.

Recently the head of Bariatric Surgery at Cedars- Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, Scott Cunneen, along with 29 other doctors, sent Congress a letter that condemns the approach the 1-800-GET-THIN campaign has used to target future patients for its surgical centers.

This latest cause for wrongful death lawsuits should serve as a reminder to be very careful in making our life choices. And, if someone we love is killed because of unscrupulous sales tactics or any other reason, we should take action to seek justice.

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