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Breaking your collarbone after a Madison motorcycle crash can disrupt several areas of your life. Not only does it leave you unable to use one—sometimes both—of your arms, but it often means missing up to 12 weeks of work as well. If you are recovering from a fractured clavicle following a Wisconsin bike accident, the following infortmation may help:

  • Collarbone injuries are somewhat common among people who play contact sports or who ride a motorcycle. After sustaining a broken collarbone in a Wisconsin motorcycle crash, some rehabilitation will be necessary to restore your shoulder and arm to their previous functionality.
  • If your broken collarbone maintains its natural angle in your shoulder and doesn’t move around or break apart, you will most likely not need surgery to correct the damage. However, it is possible that pieces of bone could lose their regular alignment and shift substantially, in which case surgery will almost certainly be required.
  • The type of rehabilitation required for a patient with a broken collarbone will vary based on the specific location and extent of the injury. The two main goals of rehabilitation are to lessen shoulder and arm pain while restoring a normal range of motion and full function. It is likely that your doctor will recommend cold compresses to decrease the swelling, and light exercise to encourage normal joint function.
  • Once the bone is healed, a doctor can see what shape the muscles are in, and if there are any restrictions to your movement. In many cases, home rehabilitation is allowed, with regular visits to an occupational therapist.

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