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The outer gear you wear while on a motorcycle will help to reduce injury in a Wisconsin motorcycle crash.Good motorcycle apparel has been proven to reduce injury in the event of a crash. As a Wisconsin rider, it is important to outfit yourself against the elements, as well as to minimize harm to yourself if a collision should occur. The following is a list of important qualities to look for when choosing your gear: 

  • Eyewear. Clear vision is one of the most important factors for a rider, and scratch-free, shatter-proof, and well ventilated goggles and face shields help keep debris and wind from affecting your driving. Be sure to wear tinted shields only in the daytime, as they can make visual distinctions very difficult in the dark.
  • Jacket and pants. These should be made of a tough material, such as leather, nylon, Kevlar, or Cordura. The clothing worn by a rider is not a fashion statement, and should be chosen based on one key factor: toughness. This means passing up the more stylish (but far thinner) leather jackets found in most clothing stores. It’s important that both the jacket and pants have long sleeves, and pants should be tight fitting, not baggy or flared, to guard against entanglement with parts of the motorcycle. 
  • Gloves. Gloves should be durable and appropriate to weather conditions. The best gloves are non-slip — to enable better use of controls — and padded, to protect against injury. Leather is always a good option when it comes to gloves, but there are also tough synthetic materials to consider. In order to reduce air through your sleeves, you may want to choose gauntlet-style riding gloves.
  • Footwear. As with most motorcycle apparel, leather is the best option. Your chosen footwear should cover your ankles, be close-toed, and free of dangling laces that could become tangled with your bike.
  • Helmets. The ideal helmet fits snugly, fastens securely, provides full coverage for face and eye protection, and meets government standards for protection in the event of a motorcycle crash. Look for helmets that have been certified to meet Wisconsin motorcycle safety standards.

Despite the best preparation in advance, accidents still happen. If you have been injured in a Wisconsin motorcycle crash, the legal team at Hupy and Abraham would like to hear from you. Contact our law offices at 800-800-5678 (toll-free) or 414-223-4800 (local) for a consultation and your FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

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