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To help prevent a Gurnee motorcycle accident always check your tires, their pressure, and the tread.

The proper care and maintenance of your motorcycle is crucial to your safety while riding. This is especially true with the tires on the bike. The tires are the only things that separate you from the road. Taking the time to make sure your tires are in good condition before you ride can prevent you from being involved in a Gurnee motorcycle accident.

If you think that your tires are not safe to drive on, you should not attempt to ride your motorcycle. Even a short trip to the tire shop or motorcycle shop could result in a crash. Have the motorcycle taken by trailer to where it needs to go.

To ensure that your tires are okay to ride on you should:

  • Inspect your tires. Take a few minutes and look for any signs of punctures to the tire that may lead to a blowout or flat. Also, look for bulging or cracking, often found in older tires. Be sure to spin the tires in order to get a look at the whole tire.
  • Check the tire pressure. Using a tire pressure gauge, check to see that the PSI meets the requirements of the tire. The tire pressure being slightly off can affect the handling and ride quality a great deal.
  • Check the tread. The tread of the tire helps maintain grip under wet and adverse weather conditions. It also ensures the integrity of the tire. To check the tread, use a quarter and place it in the tread grove. The tread of the tire should extend past the top of Washington’s head.

Motorcycle accidents can be a life-changing event that is often times no fault of the rider. If you have been involved in an accident contact an Illinois motorcycle crash attorney at Hupy and Abraham. They will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call 866-625-2299 today for a free case evaluation by our Gurnee attorneys.

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