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The very nature of motorcycles makes them impractical for carrying large loads. You can carry small bundles safely, however, if you secure them well.

Here are some suggestions from the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual.

  • Keep the load low. Fasten it tightly or stick it in a saddlebag. Do not pile bundles against the frame behind the seat because this will raise your center of gravity and change your balance.
  • Keep the load forward. Position the load over or in front of the rear axle. Putting anything behind the rear axle may affect turning and braking, and your motorcycle may wobble. If you use a tank bag, pack hard or sharp objects carefully. Also, of course, make sure that the tank bag doesn’t get in the way of the bike’s controls or handlebars.
  • Distribute the load evenly. Place the same amount of weight in each saddlebag or you will find your bike drifting to one side.
  • Secure the load. Use bungee cords or nets to fasten the load tightly so that it doesn’t become caught in the wheel or chain, causing it to lock up and skid, and possibly causing a motorcycle accident in Gurnee. Avoid using rope, which tends to stretch, and knots in rope can loosen, causing the load to shift or fall off the bike.
  • Check the load. Stop every once in a while to make sure the load hasn’t come loose.

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