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Generally, dog owners want to prevent dog bite accidents. They want to avoid someone from getting hurt and they also want to avoid trouble for their beloved pet and the possible financial consequences of a dog bite accident.

Owners Can Take Certain Steps to Prevent Dog Bite Injuries

The American Humane Association recommends five steps that dog owners can take to reduce the likelihood of dog bite accident injuries. Specifically, dog owners can:

  1. Spay or neuter their dogs. This may make dogs less aggressive.
  2. Supervise their dogs. Owners may be able to control their dog’s behavior and a dog may feel more comfortable and less aggressive with an owner around.
  3. Train and socialize their dogs. This could decrease the risk of a dog bite accident.
  4. Restrain their dogs. Leashes and fences may prevent dog bite accidents.
  5. Avoid chaining their dogs. While restraint is good, chaining or tethering a dog can be stressful for the animal and result in aggression.

These steps may significantly reduce the likelihood of a dog bite accident. However, dog bite accidents may still occur and it is important to know what to do if you, or your child, have been hurt.

Call an Iowa Dog Bite Lawyer For Help If You’re Hurt

If a dog in Iowa has injured you or your child, then we encourage you to contact an experienced Cedar Rapids dog bite lawyer today for more information about your rights and possible recovery. We can be reached via this website or by calling 800-800-5678. We also invite you to download a FREE copy of our Dog Bite Brochure to learn more.

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