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Wisconsin motorcycle use requires care and knowledge; however, no matter how prepared and educated the rider, technical problems are a reality of the road. Knowing how to handle a mechanical snafu can go a long way in preventing a Wisconsin motorcycle accident. Here are some tips for a few of the most commonly encountered technical difficulties:

  • Wobble – While your instinct may be to accelerate out of a throttle, speeding up will only make it more difficult to control your bike.  Rather than hitting the gas, get a firm grip on the handlebars while closing the throttle and gradually slowing down and exiting the road as soon as you can.  Don’t hit the brakes, either; this can be just as dangerous as accleratinng. 
  • Stuck Throttle – For a stuck throttle, try to free it by twisting it back and forth several times.  Should that fail, switch the engine off and pull in the clutch at the same time.  Ease the bike to the side of the road. 
  • Flat Tire – Flat tires can happen suddenly, and require attention and sharp instincts.  If you can tell which tire has blown out, keep a good grip on the handlebars and apply gradual pressure to the brake until you can exit the road.

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