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Avandia has changed their warning label to include a warning for diabetic patients unable to achieve adequate glycemic control.As Wisconsin pharmaceutical class action attorneys we would like to see all drugs made with the safety of the user in mind.  However, time and time again we have seen big pharma produce drugs that they may very well know are harmful, or refuse to recall a drug that has been shown to be dangerous.

One such example is the drug Avandia.  Avandia, intended to help treat people with diabetes, has been linked to extremely high rates of heart attacks, events and failure.  Because of this the FDA ordered the drug's maker, GlaxoSmithKline, to alter the label of the drug.  A new label has been approved and will state that Avandia should only be started in diabetic patients who, "are unable to achieve adequate glycemic control on other diabetes medications."

Not only will the label change, but anyone who decides to take the drug must sign a statement that they are aware of the cardiovascular risks associated with the Avandia. 

While our law firm is happy to hear that the FDA has placed strict guidelines on the drug we know that too many have been harmed by Avandia.  If you have suffered a heart attack or stroke while taking Avandia there is something you can do.  Contact our experienced Wisconsin attorneys to see if you are eligible to participate in a class action lawsuit against the makers of Avandia.  While your voice, alone, may not be heard by big pharma, together we will be heard.

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