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Are You Too Thin to Stay Safe in a Wisconsin Car Accident?

Underweight and overweight both pose serious threats when it comes to a car accident according to your Milwaukee accident injury lawyers.

A recent study made headlines when it found that motorists who are overweight may be more likely to be seriously injured or killed in crashes than average weight motorists. Specifically, the study found that cars are designed for people of average or slightly above average weight and that vehicle designs could put overweight and obese people at risk of greater injury in car wrecks.

What Does This Mean for Underweight Drivers and Passengers?

While the study headlines were about obesity, the study also had serious implications for people who are underweight. Specifically, researchers found that people who are underweight, or more specifically under the weight of the crash test dummies used to test car safety features, are also at risk for suffering serious or fatal car accident injuries.

Of course, the decision about whether you need to gain weight is one that must be answered by you and your doctor. You should not gain weight simply to protect yourself from a possible future accident. Instead, you should ask questions when you purchase your next car. Ask about the safety tests that were done and research what models may be safest for your physical build.

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