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You’ve just bought a new motorcycle, and you want to personalize it—make it yours. Be safe and learn from a Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyer the danger of using motorcycle after-market parts.Before you charge up a fortune on cool features and parts to soup it up, you should be aware of some disturbing facts that could result in Milwaukee motorcycle crashes.

As reported in The Washington Post on May 27, 2012, many motorcycle after-market parts do not comply with federal safety standards or the Clean Air Act. Some of the parts are widely considered dangerous, such as passenger seats that attach to motorcycles with suction cups.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency are responsible for regulating the industry. They face some tough obstacles, however, such as limited budgets, resistance from some areas of the motorcycle industry, and confusing laws.

Rick Doyle, former owner of an after-market motorcycle parts shop in Hamersville, Ohio, started researching federal laws regulating the industry when a number of parts broke while he was customizing bikes for his customers. What he found—and didn’t find—moved Doyle and his wife to become advocates for increased oversight. “Imagine how we feel knowing we sold these dangerous parts to people?” Tanya Doyle said.

As with all items you purchase, do your homework before you buy. In this case, you could avoid the serious consequences of a Wisconsin motorcycle crash. If you are ever involved in a motorcycle wreck in Milwaukee because your after-market part failed, contact the Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham. Call us locally at 414-223-4800 or toll free at 800-800-5678. Take advantage of our FREE consultation offer, or order our FREE helpful publication, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

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