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A suggestion from your Milwaukee wrongful death attorneys is to start a foundation or scholarship in your loved one's name to help get through your loss.

Almost everyone is going to have advice for how you should “move on” or “get on with your life” after you lose someone special to you in a Milwaukee accident. These people mean well. They know that you are grieving, but they don’t want you to miss out on living your life.

Our Milwaukee wrongful death lawyers aren’t going to do that to you. We aren’t going to tell you that you should go out with friends, get back to work, or start dating again. We can’t know exactly what you are going through and we would never presume to think that there is one piece of magical advice that can make everything better.

That said, we do have some suggestions that may work for some of you. You may, for example, consider:

  • Becoming active in a cause that could prevent such a tragedy from happening again. If, for example, your loved one was killed in a Milwaukee drunk driving crash then MADD or another similar organization may help you help others avoid drunk driving accidents.
  • Starting your own foundation, scholarship, or other non-profit group to support other families going through similar tragedies. Perhaps you can raise the funds, or recover funds in a lawsuit, to start a charity in your loved one’s name.
  • Protecting your future. You may not care about money right now, but making sure your legal rights are possible recovery are protected may be important to your peace of mind.

For more information, we encourage you to contact our compassionate and experienced Milwaukee wrongful death attorneys today at 1-800-800-5678 or 414-223-4800. We will give you the attention and information that you need during this difficult time.

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