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What Happened on Wisconsin Roads in 2014?

Car accident statistics are important. They tell us about the latest trends on Wisconsin roads and may help us, as a state, develop traffic safety priorities. However, before we review the year-end 2014 car accident statistics, we need to stop and remember that every number here represents a person. Every fatality ended a life too soon and left loved ones devastated; every injury changed the course of someone’s life and caused pain.

How Many People Were Involved in 2014 Wisconsin Crashes?

For 2014, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports:

  • 119,736 crashes.
  • 28,801 crashes resulting in 39,701 injuries.
  • 451 crashes resulting in 498 deaths.
  • 4,932 crashes involving alcohol use that resulted in 162 deaths and 2,694 injuries.
  • 20,887 crashes involving at least one speeding vehicle that resulted in 163 deaths and 8,114 injuries.
  • 1,183 pedestrian crashes that resulted in 42 deaths and 1,119 injuries.
  • 925 bicycle crashes that resulted in 4 bicyclist deaths and 844 bicyclist injuries.
  • 2,101 motorcycle crashes that resulted in 67 motorcyclist deaths and 1,914 motorcyclist injuries.
  • 2,274 construction zone crashes that resulted in 12 deaths and 629 injuries.
  • 588 school bus accidents that resulted in no fatalities and in 134 injuries to school bus occupants.
  • 7,358 large truck crashes that resulted in 63 deaths and 2,187 injuries.

These crashes occurred on all kinds of urban, country, town and rural roads throughout the state of Wisconsin.

What Does This Mean for 2015 and Beyond?

There is a greater purpose in reporting accident statistics than just an academic interest or fulfilling a government reporting requirement. That purpose is to learn from previous mistakes and to help prevent future crashes and tragedies. We hope that fewer crashes are reported—and that fewer individuals and families have to suffer—from car crash injuries and deaths in 2015 and in the years to come.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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