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18 People Per Bike: Iowa Third in U.S. for Motorcycle Ownership

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are 8,410,255 registered motorcycles in the United States. This means that about one in every 36 Americans is a rider—many of these riders live in Iowa.

Iowa was ranked third in the U.S. for bike ownership with 172,929 motorcycles. This is one bike per 18 Iowans—about 50 percent more than the national average. Iowa was followed closely by Wisconsin, which has 317,276 registered motorcycles and a larger population.

Which state came in first? South Dakota. The home of the Sturgis Rally has 69,284 motorcycles registered to a total population of 816,598. That’s one bike for every 12 people. Number two was New Hampshire, the site of Laconia Bike Week and some great scenery.

Top Five States for Motorcycle Ownership

  1. South Dakota, home of the Sturgis Rally, 12 people per bike
  2. New Hampshire, the site of Laconia Bike Week, 17 people per motorcycle
  3. Iowa, home of Victory and Indian motorcycles, 18 people per motorcycle
  4. Wisconsin, home to Harley Davidson, 18 people per bike
  5. Wyoming, 19 people per bike

Of course, the state with the most registered bikes is California. While there are 800,000 motorcycles registered in California, the state has a population of over 37 million. This puts California at number 43.

Bottom Five States for Motorcycle Ownership

  • New York, 56 people per bike
  • Texas, 58 people per motorcycle
  • Louisiana, 67 people per motorcycle
  • Mississippi, 106 people per motorcycle
  • District of Columbia, 172 people per bike

Why does this matter? Studies have found that the more motorcycles a driver sees, the more likely he is to watch for riders. This means that riders in Iowa are significantly safer than motorcyclists in Washington, D.C. However, it never hurts to provide a reminder.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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